What’s a Mamajama

Basically “Mamajama” is an ole broad who’s lived a colorful eventful life for 5 or more decades.  They don’t judge or trash anymore, worry about what people think, keep a young mind and young heart, and basically can’t be bitched out and tell it just like it is.  There’s not much they can’t do cause they’ve done it all.  I’m an “Ole Broad” and dang good at it.  Let me share my “learnins”, tips and experiences and the humor that envelopes my life…all decades of it.

2 thoughts on “What’s a Mamajama

  1. I guess I qualify for a “mamajama” as I am definitely an ole broad……as you know “cuz”. Love your blog and the remodeled room at the beach house is absolutely gorgeous. With your wit and humor, I look forward to more!!

  2. So far so good. As for porn or bombs, I may have to say “Ole Broad who? I don’t know who that is!” Love you, Ole Broad!!

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